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Seller Attempts A "Hipster Flip" With House From Last Auction

Above is a page from the 2011 coverage of the Wayne County Tax Auction, the annual event in which properties under tax foreclosure are sold to the highest bidder. This Corktown house sold in round one (there are two and bidding starts lower in the second round) for $33,500. This was after 17 bids brought the price up from the starting bid of $18,500. So what is up with this home today? It has just been listed in what seems to be an attempt to flip it. This being Corktown and all, we're saying "hipster flip." Because we like the sound of it. The ask is currently $149,900 and the listing claims it was remodeled in 2012, though so far there are no interior photos to show this. It is a four bedroom with 1,264 square feet, in what definitely counts and an excellent location. We'll be watching this one closely.

· 1753 Trumbull [WhyDon'tWeOwnThis]
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