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City Releases Images Demonstrating That Parkgoers Won't Be Able To Stop Smiling About The Belle Isle Rejuvenation

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Here's the official news from a press release issued by the Mayor's office: The Mayor and Gov. Rick Snyder have a tentative agreement to "preserve, protect and enhance Belle Isle as a state park." The city of Detroit will maintain ownership under the agreement with the state of Michigan and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) leasing the land for 30 years. What does this mean? That future park-goers will not be able to stop smiling once the deal goes into effect. Don't believe us? Just flip through the renderings that came with the release. Those people are happy! Oh and so is the flooded parking lot that became usable again and the public restrooms which lost the port-a-johns out front. According the to Freep, if City Council approves then improvements could start showing up at Belle Isle as soon as next month.

· Belle Isle plan unveiled: State spends millions for upgrades; $10 annual pass required [Freep]