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$90 K Midtown Condo Hosting Open House This Weekend

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This midtown condo is not messing around when it comes to sitting on the market, and we totally respect that. Per the listing, the open house is one day only and that day is Saturday, September 15th. If unit does not sell, it will be taken off the market. Should you run over there? Probably. The 717 square foot condo looks impeccable in the listing shots, has two bedrooms and one full bathroom, and enjoys a great location in central midtown just down from the Bronx bar. There's also a huge outside deck. Will the "limited time availability" offer work to motivate a buyer? We could see this one working out quite quickly for someone with Live Midtown incentive money they've been dying to use. The ask is $89,900.

· 476 Prentis Street, Detroit MI 48201 [Trulia]