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Broderick Tower Pushes Back Move-In Date, Again

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This post was authored by Alexis Zimberg.
At this point, unless you like to stir the drama pot or you are a Broderick Tower future resident, you are probably sick of hearing about the building's inability to commit to a move-in date. First it was September 1st, then September 15th, and now it is October 1st... tentatively. We received a handful of emails today from future tenants, angry that they have agreed to pay upwards of $2000/ a month plus storage costs to live in a hotel room.

But the kicker is that the Broderick then sent out an oddly-timed press release, which boasted all of the building's shinier qualities (they use language, such as: "The exterior renovation transformed Broderick Tower to the glory and grandeur of its unveiling in 1928 when it first pierced the skyline of Detroit.") The press release is innocent enough, as it simply invites prospective lessees to rent out the building's remaining units, but the timing implies an underlying media smooth-over and the overall Broderick-heavy theme in our e-mail inbox does not feel totally kosher.

Regardless of Broderick's explanation, it is not very nice for a management office to tell its incoming tenants today that they cannot move-in tomorrow. Don't you lose your cube van deposit if you cancel under twenty-four hours from your proposed move-in date, or something?

Broderick Tower

10 Witherell St., Detroit, MI 48226