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Inflatable Architecture Fun Visits Detroit For A Night

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What IS that you may ask? The image above is a traveling architecture installation that goes by the name Spacebuster. The mobile structure was designed by Raumlabor in 2009 for New York's Storefront for Art and Architecture institution. Flint Public Art Project brought it to Detroit for the Detroit Design Festival (which starts tomorrow) for a one night only event. So show up on September 21st to the parking lot outside the Mies Storefront to check it out. Judging from this video made from Spacebuster's trip to Flint, it will be trippy fun. Also what's more Detroit than spending a Friday in a parking lot? Maybe tearing down a building to make one?

· Spacebuster [Raumlabor Berlin]
· the ArchiCULTURAL SHIFT – Panel Discussion, SPACEBUSTER by Raumlabor Installation, and Exhibition for Detroit Design Festival [Rogue HAA]