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Mies Van Der Rohe-Designed Coop Needs Updates, Asks $98 K

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This coop unit designed by Mies Van Der Rohe just popped onto the market in the last week with an ask of $98 K. Another unit is asking $134 K but that one is certainly much better renovated. So is this one priced right? Several people that have been through the building have written in to say the ask is too high. One said, "I think the whole place needs an overhaul. With the carpeting and deep scalloped curtains and valances it is a little to suburban in decor for the taste of a regular Mies Buyer." Based on the photos we have to agree. Nonetheless, if the sellers can be bargained down, this place could really be a score for someone that does not mind doing renovations. Designed by Mies Van Der Rohe, the coop townhomes are three-bedrooms popular with young families these days. Access to leafy Lafayette park, playgrounds, picnic spots and ample shared backyard space make this community an oasis in the city.

· 1318 Nicolet Pl [Zillow]