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We Want To Hear About Your Foreclosure Auction Scores

We totally understand why no one wants to go around drawing attention to a property they hope to buy in the online bidding war for foreclosed Wayne County properties. But tomorrow, round one bidding ends in the Wayne County September Auction of properties. So tell Curbed all about it! How many did you bid on? How did you decide what to bid on? Are you investing in rentals? Planning to move to a new home? Interested in commercial property? More importantly, have you even been inside the property you bought and how much do you know about the condition? We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at

Feeling left out that you did not buy? Round two starts in October. The properties that did not sell in this round will be available again, this time with minimum bids of $500. Prices in the first round are determined by unpaid back taxes from the three years previous. (Which is to say, round one was the more expensive one)

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