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Here is the $1,000,000 question: What's an appraiser to do? What everybody needs to remember is that the bottoming out of the real estate market has been blamed on appraiser's valuing properties too high. Never mind the banks, lo's and realtor's that jumped up and down on the appraiser pushing for more value and appraiser's being told, if you don't make this work, you will never do another for this bank or this realtor. The banks received 100's of billions in loans from the government for their mistakes. The appraiser's were fined, stripped of their licenses and some have even done jail time for theirs. The banks, realtors and everyone else in the chain are only too happy to blame it on the appraiser. -Anon [How One Appraiser Can Ruin A Deal: Magnificently Renovated Stone House Fails To Sell (But Is Accepting Offers)]