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(UPDATED) Broderick Tower Residents Await New Move in Dates Still

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The Broderick Tower's Model Unit as photographed in April. Photography by Andrew Kopietz.

UPDATE: Broderick Tower residents were emailed today. See bottom for the latest from the management.

Last Friday, 24 hours before some were scheduled to start moving in, residents of the Broderick Tower were told that all move-in dates were being pushed back. [This after a previous delay in July pushed move-ins back a first time] And boy were those people pissed! Residents began signing leases for the under-construction apartments last June in anticipation of a September move- in. What's up a week later?

On Wednesday residents were emailed from management to say that key personel would be meeting today (Friday) to settle the move-in dates. Management is supposed to reach out this afternoon with updates.

But will this be enough to keep people in those leases? As one resident explains, Wednesday's email was the "first 'official' note anyone has received since they called 24 hours prior to move in saying the building was not yet ready. That person says that the building has been unwilling to put anything serious regarding move in or any form of compensation (for the delays) in writing. Which is to say that seven days later, people are still pissed. We'll let you know how Broderick management plays it this afternoon should new dates be set.

UPDATE 5:15 PM It seems Would-be Brod'ers will have a little longer to wait before the building sets move-in dates. The issue? Inspections. The good news? December is free! Here is the note we were forwarded from multiple residents this afternoon.

Hello Future Broderick Tower Residents,

We have made extraordinary progress around our inspections of the Broderick Tower since last Friday. However, we are being held to a higher level of expectation for our Life Safety Infrastructure (fire alarm and fire suppression systems) than originally anticipated. At this time, we are aggressively working on these issues as to obtain our Certificate of Occupancy as soon as possible.

We feel we should be concise and therefore are not in the position to schedule your move-in at this time. Please be assured that we will update you regularly on any and all new developments at the Broderick Tower.

Motown Construction, Inc. is committed to delivering a building that sets the highest standard of living in Detroit for its residents. To date, JC Beal Construction has completed $5,000,000 in additional construction work on the Broderick Tower than originally anticipated.

We understand how eager you are to call Broderick Tower your new home. And because of your continued support, patience and understanding, Motown Construction, Inc. is pleased to offer our current future residents December 2012 rent free.

We look forward to updating you on Wednesday, September 26, 2012. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any further questions or concerns.


Broderick Tower Management
Motown Construction, Inc., Broderick Tower

10 Witherell St. Detroit, MI 48226

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Broderick Tower

10 Witherell St., Detroit, MI 48226