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The Auburn Begins Leasing Next Friday for November Move In

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Nicely played, Auburn apartments. Unlike the Broderick Tower that started pre-leasing in April and lease signing in June for apartments meant to be finished in September (which are still not ready for move-in after the dates have been pushed back TWICE) you've scheduled your leasing to begin a much more reasonable one month before move-in. And that means pre-leasing is officially open NOW for the 58 apartments; leases can officially be signed starting next Friday, October 5. Move-ins begin in early November.

The very first open house for the newly constructed building will be Friday October 5, with a second one on Saturday October 6. Photos of the interiors are not available yet so we're dying to get inside. The rental building is currently running a deal for those that pre-lease prior to the open house: $100 off rent for one-bedrooms and $50 off the studios. After that is is regular rates, which are $920 to $995 for one-bedrooms and $780 to $830 for studios. Ready to go? Michael L. Martorelli is the sales and leasing manager.

As for Broderick Tower residents, they are still awaiting move in dates and still pissed about delays. Will the Auburn scoop up the potential renters ready to ditch those downtown leases? No one expected these buildings to be making units available at the exact same time, but it may just be a face-off after all.

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The Auburn

Cass Ave. and Canfield St., Detroit, MI