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Boutique Hotel Made of Shipping Containers Planned for 2013

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Back in March, a group called Detroit Hotel Project announced intentions to open a boutique hotel in the city. Today the project's official name, Collision Works, was released along with the news that it will be built out of shipping containers. Last week we spoke to founder Shel Kimen, who is in negotiations to buy a site in Eastern Market for the project. She announced today that she is working with architects at KOOP AM for the design and construction. If you are a shipping container architecture fanatic, you may remember architect Steven Flum, who designed a shipping container development for Woodbridge back in 2007. Thanks to the recession it was not built, but Shel has asked Steven to help advise on this project.

Shel writes on the Collision Works blog, "Shipping containers are considerably more durable than standard construction, can cost less, and most importantly are about 30% faster to build. We'll be using this project as an opportunity to teach local builders and designers about the process. So as we get to building in the spring, expect to hear about public workshops for people interested." Then, of course, there is the obvious fact that with the David Whitney hotel also being developed into a boutique hotel, this design scheme will certainly help differentiate the two brands.

Collision Works will have 24-36 hotel rooms and event space. The project is still in the design process and plans to break ground in spring 2013 for a fall opening.

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