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An Elusive Broderick Tower Whale Photo Has Been Found!

Congratulations to Jeannine Seidl who just emailed in the whale photo we have been on the look out for since a tipster told us that the Verizon ad covering it had been taken down last Wednesday. Curbed failed to capture a photo of this wall of the Broderick Tower because it was less than 24 hours before a new Verizon ad went right back up in the same place. Yeesh. In any case, here's how the Brod whales looked for the 24 hours they got to swim in open air last week! Jeannine has won herself one invite to an exclusive Curbed event with free drinks. We'd say more, but it's insidery and you did not win this contest.

· Rare Species! Broderick Whale Sighting Is Quickly Re-Covered [Curbed Detroit]

Broderick Tower

10 Witherell St., Detroit, MI 48226