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The Seven-Bedroom Van Dusen Mansion Asks $750 K

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Photographs by Michelle and Chris Gerard Photographers.

This 10,000 square foot mansion has been popping on and off the market since New Years Eve 2010, when it listed for $860,000. It's now been asking $750,000 since around February 2012. What would such a sum buy you? The home was built in 1922 for Charles Van Dusen, then the president of S.S. Kresge (which essentially became the Kmart Corporation in 1977). The seven-bedroom and nine-bathroom home is currently owned by realtor Kenan Bakirci, who specializes in this neighborhood. The restored "Baronial Tudor" has a large walnut-panelled great hall, a ballroom and billiard rooms, and a second apartment over the garage. Exquisite details include the stenciled beamed ceiling in the library and the art tiled bathrooms. We have to agree with our photographers that this place is a pretty sumptuous visual, worthy of many detail shots.

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