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Five Commercial Properties To Watch in the Next Tax Auction

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This post was authored by Paul Beshouri.

In case you missed the reminder yesterday, Wayne County's auction of tax foreclosed properties kicks off next Friday, September 14. Yesterday we brought you five intriguing residential items on the auction block. Today we'll round out the top ten list with five commercial ones. With over 20,000 properties in all up for auction there was a lot to dig through. See something amazing that we missed? Leave us a comment or email a tip.

? 3230 Gratiot
Min Bid: $11,100
Over on the east side, the McDougall-Hunt neighborhood contains an art-deco gem known as the Goeschel Building. It has a storied history (including losing its third floor) but what's important right now is the price (cheap!) and condition (collapsed second floor!). Put bluntly: The Goeschel will likely not survive another owner unable/unwilling to care for her. Keep watch.

? 3475 Cass
Min Bid: $17,200
This particular chunk of parking lot catches our eye due to location. Not only is it in Midtown, it's just across the street from the Cass-Davenport Historic District, a collection of apartment buildings long-rumored to be next in line for redevelopment. You might say the possibilities are endless. Then again, you also might say that the happiest parking lots are ones near Illitch-owned sports venues, and one of those could appear nearby in the future.

? 1548 Porter
Min Bid: 460,700
It's hard to make 1.3 acres of Corktown property look unappealing, but the former Cesar Chavez Academy really is the equivalent of a rough in the diamond—at least for now. Bidding starts at $460,700, a hefty price for a huge building that's likely unsalvageable. Keep an eye out—if this round doesn't bring a buyer, we're in for a fierce bidding war when the back taxes are cleared for round two in October.

? 8181 Greenfield
Min Bid: $128,300
We're used to seeing former school buildings for sale in Detroit, but this one is eerie in that it's not an old, crumbling brick hulk developers can fantasize about turning into lofts. It's a relatively modern school that was hosting kids as the Detroit Urban Lutheran School until 2011, track/gymnasium/cafeteria included. What might someone want with it?

? 3461 Michigan
Min Bid: $20,500
In case you've never managed to waddle beyond the boundaries of Corktown, you should know that a lot of Michigan Avenue's remaining historic buildings (and strip clubs) are west of I-75. Regardless, this building is a beauty on the corner of Michigan and 24th that appears to be in good shape.

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