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Odd Fellows Building Quickly Becoming Big Buffalo Wild Wings

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We've been promised that the city of Detroit's first Buffalo Wild Wings will open by the end of the Detroit Lion's season. Since we don't exactly run on NFL time, we are not sure what that means, but work seems to be well underway. So far so good in terms of facade, but what we're really holding our breath for is to see what the 2,400-square-foot building addition that is supposed to go in next door will look like. If you remember the rendering of the first floor signage that came out last February, you may be concerned that this building will take a turn into a gaudy electric branded mess. We're monitoring the situation closely. The restaurant/bar will take up three floors and will include a rooftop patio. Man it is so hard to argue with something that has a patio... unless they make the street frontage hideous. Yep, this one is still too close to call.

· Buffalo Wild Wings in Detroit scheduled to open by end of Detroit Lions' season [MLive]

The Odd Fellows Building

1211 Randolph St. , Detroit, MI