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Sinful Flip: Poletown Church Owner Bought it for Just $2,500

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Did you think (as we did) the $79,000 price tag on that amazing Poletown church was one of those only-in-Detroit style real estate bargains? Where you're enthralled that such incredible property can be so cheap, but also horrified that Detroit really is that cheap? Well, get ready to throw up in your mouth a little bit: According to the Free Press, Majid Shaukat of Rochester Hills picked up the church for just $2,500 in a foreclosure auction back in September. No, that is not a typo. Shaukat actually bought this church for $2,500, or the amount most people would pay for a used speedboat, or maybe a house that looks like this. We don't know if there's anything in the Bible against church-flipping, but those interested in this property are in a pretty good position to negotiate the price.
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St. Stanislaus Church

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