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Michigan Central Station Needs "Someone that wants to lose money," Says DEGC President George Jackson

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George Jackson, the president and CEO of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, gave some refreshingly direct answers to a long interview with MLive. Speaking on topics like the demolition of Tiger Stadium and the Brewster Projects, Jackson explains his role in some of Detroit's most controversial topics. Our favorite? His thoughts on the kind of person it would take to bring back Michigan Central Station:

I would love to see it rehabbed and some renovations there, but I do know the costs are prohibitive. Until you can come up with someone who can do it, someone who doesn't care about making money, (it likely won't happen). You really need someone who doesn't care about making money, someone that wants to lose money. I don't run into too many people like that in my line of work. It's privately-owned (right now).· Q&A: Plans for Tiger Stadium site, Detroit Red Wings arena, Michigan Central Station, Eastern Market and more addressed by DEGC official [MLive]

Tiger Stadium

2121 Trumbull St, Detroit, MI 48216