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After Movie Role, Brush Park Fixer-Upper Finally Sold

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[BrushParkPreservation via Curbed Detroit Photo Pool]

If you'll remember, this excellent mini-mansion had a cameo in a Jim Jarmusch vampire flick last year, playing the role of vampiric vacation home. The house spent over a year on the market, so we can't say for certain that it was movie stardom that brought a buyer to the table. We do know, however, that the buyer enjoyed a major discount from the original ask...

This bit of Brush Park finally sold for $110K in December, meaning the buyer brought the price down quite a bit from the initial $198K ask. According to a tipster, the house is now getting what every dilapidated Brush Park house wants the most: a new roof. Originally designed by Mason and Rice (once the employer of Albert Kahn) and remodeled by David Whitney Jr (you know, of the David Whitney building downtown), it's no surprise this house still commands attention 131 years after construction.
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