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Cranes, Workers Amassing as Z-Site Construction Picks Up

Photo by Michelle and Chris Gerard

Craving some retail therapy, we took a quick ride on the People Mover to the Z-Site, hoping to get our fix at Downtown's Urban Outfitters. Kidding! We're very determined to say that sentence seriously one day, but our trip uncovered little evidence of Dan Gilbert's Z-Site retail/parking development...yet. It was mostly just a bunch of guys digging holes. They say in construction that you must dig a hole to build a pole, but we wish they'd hurry up already. Construction is still set to finish up by December, so we've got a little while to wait. In the meantime, an observant commenter pointed out that the Z-Site appears to have a dull, retail-less sister in San Francisco. We're declaring her fair game for ridicule next time our cities meet in the World Series.

[Photo by Michelle and Chris Gerard]

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The Z Lot

Library and Gratiot, Detroit, MI