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Seven-Bedroom Tudor Full of Authentic Details Fetches $345 K

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Photos by [Michelle and Chris Gerard]

Last Friday was the big day for this seven bedroom tudor home listed over the summer; the sale closed at $345 K, just a small discount from the original $375 K asking price. For that, the proud new owners are getting excellent preservation of many historic details, such as wood paneling and an ornate plaster ceiling. The 5,398 square foot home was built in 1923 and the sellers loved it so much, they held onto it for over 50 years, which explains the rather above-average preservation. As for the nabe, it recently became part of political focus, when Mayoral candidate Benny Napoleon attacked competitor Mike Duggan for living there. We have no evidence anyone running for Mayor bought this house (though candidates seem to be coming out of the wood work right now), but it would make a gorgeous site for a swanky fundraiser.
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