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Will Eight Fireplaces and a Ballroom Sell for $450K?

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Like several other Indian Village beauties, this 1914 manse was designed by architects Chittenden and Kotting. Unfortunately, that hasn't done much for it, at least in terms of attracting a buyer. It's had an extended stay on the market, finally resulting in the owners axing $50K from the price. Is that a big enough discount to spark some interest, especially when many (admittedly lesser) homes in Indian Village are asking so much less? Let's take a look at some stats: This house packs 9,600 square feet of ornate living space, including seven bedrooms and bathrooms, a big sunroom, and a staggering eight fireplaces. Perched above everything is a third-floor ballroom. Updated utilities and a slate roof make a strong case for a higher price. What do you think, commenters? What will this one sell for?
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