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Historic Home Makes Living On A Detroit Canal Glamorous

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Built in 1896, this six-bedroom carriage house in the Joseph Barry Subdivision has got to be one of the most unique properties in all of Detroit. We'll start with the fact that this house has a summer AND a winter kitchen, both full-sized. There are historic purposes behind seasonal kitchens (usually involving keeping hot ovens/fires away from living areas during the summer), but today it's just an odd luxury. This house was renovated in 2006, and it's hard not to love the balance between modern and historic it pulls off. The exposed wooden beams and brick walls are beautiful, and there's even a lofted bedroom up on the third floor overlooking the "rec room." Sadly, most of the backyard's view is of a marina rather than water, but a the entire Detroit River is just a couple minutes downstream. The ask is $600,000.
· 532 Parkview [Zillow]