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Live/Work Space in Eastern Market Reps Detroit With Style

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[Photos via We Are Vacancy]

In his search to find the perfect place to create his new live/work studio in Detroit, it's easy to understand why photographer Chris Arace settled on Eastern Market's FD Lofts. The century-old building was once used to repair fire trucks, but now offers live/work spaces that radiate old-school industrial Detroit. Both Eastern Market and the building align perfectly with Arace's goal of creating a space that is uniquely Detroit, mixing the city's past, present and future. In short, you don't need to look out the window to know what city you're in.

The design sticks to a few larger pieces of utilitarian furniture, leaving the 1,500 square-foot loft very airy and garage-like. The loft contains a full bathroom and one bedroom. The upper level is the client lounge, allowing patrons to be part of the action below while taking in the openness of the loft.

The studio is very much a tribute to the city, though it's more understated than you might realize. That's a rail cart from Michigan Central station on the lower level. Those office chairs? They came from the former JL Hudson Building. Even the scroll of street names works well, probably because it's not competing with several BetterMade logos or Tigers emblems. "I wanted to represent the city with objects that signified our rich past and also pointed toward our revival," says Arace. The studio is known as We Are Vacancy, and is available just as a space or in tandem with production services.
· We Are Vacancy [Official]

FD Lofts

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