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Boston-Edison Listing Raises Every Red Flag Imaginable

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When dealing with Boston-Edison's impressive estates, an ask under $100K often indicates the house needs more than just a fresh coat of paint and a few scented candles. That was our first thought with this foreclosure listing, which asks just $32,714 for a fetching six-bedroom right on Chicago Boulevard. What really sets off all of the warning lights? The seller completely prohibits any viewing or inspection of the property, demanding we "DO NOT DISTURB" a tenant who may or may not live there. That, and it's also listed in a four-day online auction with a starting bid of $20K. So many red flags for just one listing! Since shady listings attract shady investors (just ask the yearly tax foreclosure auction), expect to see this one back on the market in the next few years, likely much worse for the wear.
· 1715 Chicago [Trulia]
· 1715 Chicago [Hubzu Auction]