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Detroit News and Free Press Abandoning Downtown Headquarters

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The Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press announced today that they plan on leaving their shared headquarters at 615 Lafayette in Downtown Detroit. Detroit Media Partnership (DMC), the umbrella company controlling the two newspapers, is claiming that the 1916 Kahn-designed building is obsolete in today's digital age. Whether it's the building or printed news that really deserves the title of "obsolete" is a debate for later. So where are they headed?

DMC is not announcing where the new office will be, claiming it hasn't even been chosen yet. The company promises the new HQ will be in Detroit, either in Downtown or Midtown, which is a relief. From the Free Press:

"This is a great opportunity to find efficient, up-to-date space in Detroit's core – which more than ever is the heartbeat of our region and state," said Free Press Editor and Publisher Paul Anger. "Our new offices will reflect current and future needs – something designed for a newsroom that publishes on so many digital platforms."The old building is to be put up for sale soon, with the move scheduled to happen within 12-18 months, regardless of whether or not it sells immediately.
The Albert Kahn-Designed building has been home to the Detroit News since 1916, but the DMP and the Free Press didn't move in until the 1989 and 1998, respectively. Hopefully there will be a buyer soon, or the building will join the old Free Press building in abandonment, facing the threat of damage from scrappers and vandals. We'll keep you updated as this one unfolds.
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