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Century-Old Brush Park Condo Just Steps from Comerica Park

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At 123 years old, this Brush Park condo has witnessed its most of its surrounding neighborhood disappear over the last sixty years or so. Today, the building sits close enough to Comerica Park to smell the hotdogs, and the view from the rear balcony makes it the ultimate spot for tailgating. There are four bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, for a total of 2,822 square feet. The building had garages added to the rear at some point, probably so residents don't have to worry about losing a windshield to a Prince Fielder home run. Okay, it's not that close, but a new garage is a rare asset for a building constructed in 1890. This foreclosure property asks $154,900.
· 2552 John R. [Trulia]