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Owners of the Penobscot Building Aren't Exactly Taking Care of the Silverdome

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The Pontiac Silverdome's inflatable roof has been torn to shreds by the latest round of turbulent weather, and no one cares. Purchased by Triple Properties in 2009 for just $583K, the Silverdome shares owners with the gigantic Penobscot Building in Downtown Detroit. We're told not to worry, though. According to Silverdome management, the roof had been intentionally deflated earlier this month after a small hole was found. Triple Properties claims that construction on a new roof featuring solar panels and requiring no internal air pressure will get underway this spring/summer. Even so, couldn't there have been a better way to go about this?
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Penobscot Building

645 Griswold Street, , MI 48226

Pontiac Silverdome

1200 Featherstone Rd, Pontiac, MI 48342