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High-Rise Co-Op Has Lafayette Park Views, Classy Interior

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[Photos by Andy Schwartz - Stylish Detroit - Detroit Real Estate Photography]

1300 E. Lafayette isn't the most well-known high-rise by name, but its height and narrow footprint stick out prominently just east of downtown. This unit's northern view isn't the best at bringing in natural light, but guess what is just to the north? Beautiful Lafayette Park, and we've all seen photos of how cool that spot looks from above. This one-bedroom has 1,377 square feet, a newer kitchen with granite, and cork floors. The ask is $125K, though watch out for the $1,220 monthly co-op fee.
· 1300 E. Lafayette #411 [City Living Detroit]
· 1300 E. Lafayette [Official]

1300 Lafayette

1300 Lafayette, Detroit, MI