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Boring Facade Hides A Modern Ranch on the Rouge for $22K

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Just south of 8 Mile near the Five Points neighborhood, this house's bland exterior really doesn't do the interior's unique design justice. For just $22K, you get a relatively spacious living room and kitchen, separated only by a giant brick fireplace. The vaulted ceilings make the most out of this little three-bedroom, and two sets of sliding glass doors in the rear add quite a bit of light. We didn't catch it at first glance, but this house is actually on a branch of the Rouge River, which you can barely make out in the snowy pic of the backyard. This is a HUD home, so we can't guarantee there's not some undocumented catastrophe lurking inside, but it's well worth checking out for such a great price.
· 20011 Cherokee [Trulia]