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Tom Gores: A West Coast Whale Taking Root Near Detroit

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You'll find that many of our Whales have one thing in common: Ownership of a professional sports team. Tom Gores owns the Detroit Pistons, but his riches come from being founder of Platinum Equities, an investment firm that does quite well for itself. Forbes has him ranked as the 180th wealthiest human in the country, worth around $2.5 billion (Dan Gilbert is listed being worth $1.9 billion, if that offers some perspective). And man oh man is he good at taking moody pictures of himself. We're going to ogle at two over-the-top estates connected to Gores: The ridiculous Beverly Hills mansion that he's looking to offload, and a Grosse Ile estate he might be looking to buy, possibly because it has a helipad. Lets get this whale afloat!

This Beverly Hills mansion was designed by luxury architect Hablinski Manion, and all 11,000 square feet of the place screams wealth. With the kind of decor only a whale-sized ego could love, it boasts a library and the essential walk-in refrigerator. How do we know this is the ideal crib for a whale? It features saltwater pool. Gores is asking $10,750,000 for the privilidge of owning his old place, though a lack of a buyer hasn't stopped him from beginning construction on an even bigger mansion less than five miles away.

[Images via Trulia]

Tom Gores already has title to a few normal-ish homes on Grosse Ile (his wife Holly is from the area), but Tom Gores was widely reported to be scouting a real whale's home shortly after acquiring the Pistons. His target: The Prechter Estate. Gores reportedly toured the estate at least five times, though it's entirely possible that it takes five tours to make it through the entire home once. The mansion's dock is able to accomodate a 250-foot yacht, making it the largest dock in the entire state of Michigan. The mansion features an olympic sized swimming pool and a built-in spa with themed rooms. Themed Rooms. You know, like Amazon and Arizona Desert. The property was last listed at $5.4M, a relatively cheap sum for a property sporting a helipad.

[Images via Luxist]

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