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Near Campus Martius, Olde Building Deserves a Fresh Remod

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It's always thrilling to see one Downtown's abandoned eye-catchers up for sale. Best known as the Olde Building, this bite-sized bit of Kahn design was built in 1927. It's generally accepted that the Olde's upper levels are ripe for conversion to lofts. That's fine by us, though imagining what lucky retailer could do that ground floor justice is a fun way to burn a few minutes. A commenter in an old DetroitYes thread claims this used to house a multi-level Hardees restaurant, which may be the most awful thing we hear this week. Located near Campus Martius (Dan Gilbert's favorite hunting grounds), the Olde is hemmed in by the Gilbert-owned Chrysler House and its gigantic parking structure. Owners are asking $1.5M.
UPDATE: We talked to the agency handling this building and now have new details. Head to this post for the latest news on the Olde Building.
· 751 Griswold [Rofo]

Olde Building (The 751)

751 Griswold, Detroit, MI