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Interiors of $110 K Brush Park Fixer-Upper Revealed

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This post was authored by Amy Swift.

Here's everyone's favorite Brush Park movie star showing off its interior. This Alfred Street house was the site of filming for Director Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive which is currently in post-production according to IMDB. After the filming it was bought for $110K last December; the new buyer gained possession from the previous owners on January 18 and has made quick work of cleaning up what sounds like a pretty messy hoard. Now that the dumpsters of garbage are finally clear, the extent and condition of the historic interior elements can finally be assessed. As you can see from the photos, this home is in definite need of a little TLC, and (refreshingly) that's exactly what you can expect its going to get. New owner Jeff Cowin has been renovating his way through Virginia Park and now boasts three historically restored houses to his name. It was because of this that the former owner and their real estate agent sought out Cowin for the job: they knew he'd take good care of it.

While he was clear that he is not abandoning his mission to revitalize his Virginia Park neighborhood, he sees this as a mission to save an individual house. Unlike a lot of the houses that remain in Brush Park, this one retains a good amount of original interior details that can likely be refurbished. It'll take some elbow grease and a little imagination, but this home should be a show stopper in no time. We'll keep you up to date with further developments.

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