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Roasting Plant Announces Grand Opening Deets

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We have just received word that Roasting Plant will officially have Campus Martius buzzing by tomorrow morning. Roasting Plant's Detroit location will be the company's first foray outside of NYC, though their downtown location in the First National Building's ground floor shouldn't have them feeling too far from home. Although it will be the fourth coffee shop south of I-94 with a Woodward Avenue address (Starbucks, Biggby, and Great Lakes coffee being the others), Roasting Plant takes coffee in a very different direction than its predecessors. Customers have their coffee brewed for them by a sophisticated machine called the JavaBot, which involves all sorts of pneumatic tubes and futuristic-looking equipment. If that sounds good, just wait until the weather gets warmer: Roasting Plant plans for outdoor seating, giving everyone just one more reason to spend some time at Campus Martius.
· Roasting Plant [Official]

First National Building

660 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226