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More Bar, More Beer, More Seating: Watch as Slows Grows

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It's been a long, tough week for fans of the restaurant known as Slows. Corktown's famous barbecue joint has been shuttered since New Year's Day to focus on renovations and expansion, so naturally Curbed did some snooping to find out exactly what sort of transformation would be taking place. The news? Whether you're there for the food or the atmosphere, there's a lot to look forward to in Slows 2.0.

The goal is to add some much-needed breathing room by expanding into an adjoining space previously used to host private parties. The new space will allow for thirty additional tables and a new bar, 36 taps strong.
As with the original Slows design, the new construction is hardly anything but new. Reclaimed wood is featured throughout the interior. According to Phil Cooley, the ceiling is made from wood recovered at a collapsed factory near Delray. The bar? Part of a recycled gym floor, courtesy of a school from Detroit's east side. Also reclaimed are the slate chalkboards that will feature drinks and specials, which are especially important now that Slows executive chef and co-owner Brian Perrone has hinted at an expanded menu. Things may look rough now, but the restaurant is shooting to reopen in just a few days, new addition included.

"We're hoping for Thursday," Phil told us. "But it might end up being Friday."

We'll see you there.