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Is Dan Gilbert Courting Urban Outfitters For Z-Site?

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Bedrock's website features a new close-up of Dan Gilbert's planned Z-Lot development — now officially branded as the Z-Site — that prominently features the holy grail of retail: Urban Outfitters. This means one of two things: Either this rendering is a best-case scenario of sorts, and Mr. Gilbert is crossing all ten fingers and toes that the Z-Site will one day lure an Urban Outfitters to Detroit (and some other very specific retailers), or he really has persuaded Urban Outfitters into possibly leasing its own Z-Site. Could it be?

We're still awaiting a response to our inquiries with Bedrock, but our money is on this rendering simply being a wishlist of sorts, especially since the Bedrock website lists all 33,000 square feet of Z-Site retail space as still being available. What other stores find themselves involuntarily part of Gilbert's downtown Fanti-Z? Brick and Tin (a Birmingham restaurant), some sort of barbershop, Lucy (a women's athletic apparel retailer), and something called Zone 1. We don't recognize the other stores, so help us out, readers! Here's the daytime and nightime renderings, which are both a little different from each other. What do you see?
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The Z Lot

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