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New Signage Near Slows Warns of "Car Break-In Area"

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According to a tipster, these signs recently appeared along the tiny stretch of Wabash next to Gold Cash Gold, which offers prime parking for customers of Slows, the Gaelic League, and everything in-between. At first, we agreed with the tipster's assessment that the signs are "Obviously unnecessary, and put in place to scare those that don't know better (suburbanites) while driving traffic to the paid Corktown lot." However, a quick Google search lead to a somewhat hyperbolic Yelp page ("Corktown is definitely one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city," says one idiot), as well a cool story about a man tracking down his MacBook after it was stolen from the trunk of a rental car. What do you think, commenters? Have you fallen victim to barbecued burglary?