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North Corktown House Asks $950/Month For a Two-Bedroom

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Given yesterday's excitement about the renovation and expansion at Slows BBQ, it would seem Corktown is still the hip hood (car break-ins be damned). With rentals pretty much all taken in the prime spots, you'll have to grab your club anti-theft device(TM) and head to North Corktown on the other side of 1-75 to grab a just-listed rental, but from what we can tell it will be worth it. This second floor apartment is asking $950/month for a two-bedroom with 1,200 square feet. It promises a "BRAND new" bathroom and kitchen, which includes stainless appliances and a marble herringbone tile backspash! Fancy.
· $950 / 2br - 1200ft² - Corktown Upper Flat (Corktown) [Craigslist]