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Glassy Downtown Office Building Sold, Renovations in Store

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If you're hoping to buy real estate downtown, you'd better get to it quick. This building right near the RenCen was just purchased by Broder & Sachse, a Birmingham-based real estate group. According to a press release, they're planning on doing some remodeling both inside and out. While it's certainly no skyscraper, a small piece of downtown getting some affection is always good news. The purchase price was not released, but the building was previously listed for nearly $2M. Seems pretty steep to us. Bonus points: The building's exterior was remodeled in the 1980s, but the original construction date was actually back in 1923. Anyone think they can find a photo of the building with its original facade?
· 440 East Congress [Rofo]
· Broder & Sachse [Official]