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Woman Who Lived With Squatter Vents About Detroit in Listing

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Remember 2012's most absurd news story? Quick Recap: Last October, Detroit resident Heidi Peterson discovered that a very stubborn squatter had moved into her home. Heidi involuntarily became the squatter's roommate, who left only after a media frenzy ensued. Four months later, it sounds like Heidi is done with Detroit altogether. Holed up in the attic of that same Boston-Edison home, she's trying to sell the place for $35K. Actually, "trying" might be too strong of a word here. She's trying to sell the house. The City? Not so much.

With six bedrooms and 4,400 square feet, she really does have a beautiful house. Unfortunately, there's apparently so much lead paint that Heidi is living in the unpainted attic with her child. "We are living in the house now and doing fine," she says, as if in a letter to relatives. And then she starts in on the city:
Also since this is a historical home with good quality items it is a target by local criminals who the police won't arrest and they go around Detroit stripping homes. As the listing goes on, things only get worse for Detroit. According to Heidi, not only are the police failing to arrest the criminals, they're helping them. Which we're all very accustomed to, apparently:If you are a Detroiter then you probably know about them. They are running property tax payers out of Detroit in order to financially ruin the city and the police are aiding them and not helping property owners. Only true Detroiters know how to live with such problems because they are familiar with it. · Squatter That Won't Leave Becomes Homeowner's Roommate [Curbed Detroit]
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