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Wurlitzer Not For Sale, Not Asking $650K, Not Making Sense

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It's hard to love a building that enjoys mercilessly lobbing bricks at Downtown residents, pedestrians, and People Movers. Yet many of us do anyway, so it was exciting to see that the Wurlitzer had chopped its price: The listing now reads $650K. But wait! According agent Jerome Eagger at Summit Commercial Real Estate, the pricechop has expired. The owners (Wayne County Circuit Judge Daphne Mean Curtis and her husband Paul Curtis) lowered the price temporarily "to see if anyone would bite." When no one did, they inexplicably raised the price back up to the original $850K, and have since decided that the building might not even be for sale. "We're not actively marketing it", said Jerome. "The owners are considering some other options." Here's an option, owners: Call Dan Gilbert while he still has his checkbook out.
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