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Live in Kwame Kilpatrick's Old House, Forget About Taxes

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Twenty-eight years! Detroit's disgraced ex-mayor/remorseless boulder Kwame Kilpatrick has been sentenced to 28 years in federal prison, one of the longest punishments for public corruption in US history. He'll likely spend that time in Texas, which seems like fitting payback for winning the X Games over Detroit.
Before the sexy stripper era at the Manoogian Mansion, Kwame was living in Russell Woods. This 1926 charmer was forced to endure his thunderous footsteps. Currently for sale, the radiator-less home asks $30K for 2,800 square feet. The silver lining: According to the listing agent, an NEZ tax credit takes the edge off of property taxes. Perhaps that explains why the home is assessed at $1,221 instead of the $30K-$40K range of its neighbors. For history's sake, we recommend you pay those taxes in cash, preferably from shoebox.
· 4343 Leslie St [Zillow]

4343 Leslie St, Detroit, MI 48238