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Goodbye, Goeschel: East Side Landmark is on the Brink

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The decline of the Goeschel Building is nothing new, but this east side beauty has reached a tipping point. The building's rear wall now sports a large hole, turning the interior into an all-you-can-scrap buffet. Plywood began disappearing from the ground floor over the summer, followed by some of the windows underneath. A photo we took in 2012 shows the building to be in rough shape, but definitely nothing close to the bombed-out shell seen today.
The terracotta landmark has presided over the intersection of Gratiot and Mack since 1914. It lost its third story in a peculiar 1930s renovation. According to Historic Detroit, the Goeschel took a downturn in October of 2011, when the floor of the second story collapsed.


September 2012

Earlier in 2013

October 2013

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