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The Debut of Dine Drink Detroit; October's Eater 38

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DETROIT— Yesterday, October 10th, was the start of the first annual Dine Drink Detroit week. This new event features food and drink in some of Detroit's smaller (but still very well known) establishments. There are 13 restaurants/bars participating in the event, all will have food and drink combo specials for only $15, and proceeds will benefit the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy. Planning on attending? There's a map with descriptions of all participants, and also a list of all available menus. Dine Drink Detroit runs this weekend through October 16th.

HAMTRAMCK— New concept restaurant Revolver had their first four dinners the weekend of September 27th and 28th, and this weekend they're back with two more chefs cooking completely different meals. The reservation only four course meals (with a set price of $35, tax and tip included) are the brainchild of Peter Dalinowski and Tunde Wey, both of whom spoke with Eater about their hopes for the restaurant, the importance of food, and what makes their partnership tick.

DETROIT— The brand new Eater 38 is up, with some revisions and additions since last July's first 38 had its debut. The list includes restaurants from in and around the city (with a few inclusions from the 'burbs) that make Detroit what it is-whether that means food icons like Detroit coneys, legendary venues like Cliff Bells and Baker's Keyboard Lounge, or food from the various cultures that are part of the city. These aren't the "best" restaurants, but they are the essentials.

MIDTOWN— They're taking a break this Monday because of Dine Drink Detroit, but every other Monday in October and November Rodin will be featuring Dr. Sushi otherwise known as Nick George, and sous-chef Ollie Honderd of Resto Change O! as they create inventive and sustainable sushi and other Japanese fare with local and seasonal ingredients. Each menu will focus on a limited menu of four or five rolls per week, and the goal will be serving things you can't get elsewhere in Michigan. Sushi will be a feature, along with some cooked dishes, and maybe (just maybe) some homemade ice cream at a later date. Diners should expect an appreciation for minimalism, and unique dinner options.