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Covered in Graffiti, Z-Lot Now Wants to be called "The Z"

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When first announced, it was known as the Z-Lot. As the garage finally sprouted, it become the Z Site. Today, Dan Gilbert's giant parking garage has reached its final branding evolution: The Z. (Admittedly, we were hoping for Z-Spot.) The Z is the fulfillment of Gilbert's early promise to slather his parking garage in trendy art, luring 27 artists from across the world.
In other news, Z-Thing's innards have been slightly repurposed: The promise of office space has been dropped, as all 34,000 square feet of interior space is now labeled "retail." Bedrock's Dan Mullen even had the audacity to describe it as "boutique retail," which is a bad sign. Let's get one thing straight, guys: You do not get to use "boutique" in reference to a 1,300-space parking garage. We're still trying to reclaim any meaning in "loft." Please use your real estate terminology responsibly.
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The Z Lot

Library and Gratiot, Detroit, MI