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Masonic Temple: Lofts, Boutique Hotel Conversion Possible

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Its future is far from certain, but more and more positive news is coming from the Masonic Temple. Lawyer and Special Advisor to the Masonic trustees Bradley Dizik gave the Detroit News this quote concerning the Masonic's ambitions:

We are talking everything from a pop-up cigar bar and restaurant. We have interest by sponsors who want naming rights to the theaters. We have ideas for lofts and a boutique hotel. This amazing facility can come alive like it is has always meant to be." That's a huge turn around from earlier this summer, when a $142,000 check from Jack White saved it from a trip to the tax auction. While most of it is inaccessible to the public, the Masonic Temple is said to be a 1,037-room labyrinth of secret passages, ballrooms, banquet halls, and towers--one of which is already configured as a Masons-only hotel. Another never finished construction. Whatever happens, it sounds like there's a decent chance that the mysterious building might unlock some areas unseen since the 1920s.
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