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"60 Minutes" Didn't Say Nice Things About Detroit, Will Pay

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In case you missed it, "60 Minutes" aired a segment last night titled "Detroit on the Edge," which was pretty much a textbook Detroit feature. We stare at the Packard Plant, talk about downtown being pretty, visit the sad firefighters, and do that awkward thing where a local hero drives the reporters around his/her blighted neighborhood of choice. The program's overall tone isn't bursting with optimism, causing Dan Gilbert to fire off a grumpy bedtime tweet around 9:30 last night.

Silly journalists. Detroit's story isn't about horrible fire and police statistics. It's about vague statements concerning the city's soul, and how it's impossible to kill. Like Voldemort's was, but in a non-evil way. The Freep has a good round-up of the segment's best quotes here. Do you agree with Dan?

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