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Gilbert Closes in on National Theatre, Bates Garage Purchase

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[Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard]

The inevitable is now true: Dan Gilbert has his eyes (and money) on the National Theatre and the Bates Garage. Owned by the city, the two-property bundle has a price tag of $1.5M, but negotiations are ongoing. The Bates Garage is almost entirely demolished, so that property is really just an empty lot in a prime location.

The reports also give us an idea of Gilbert's plans for Albert Kahn's National Theatre, which the city recently snatched from its negligent owner. It's sounding like everyone is aiming to demolish most of the crumbling structure itself, but with the goal of preserving the historical facade . Whether or not something would be rebuilt around the facade is still a mystery, but expect things to clear up once the sale is finalized.
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118 Monroe, Detroit MI