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Raw to Refined: Eastern Market's Oldest Lofts Upgraded

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Converted from an Eastern Market brewery in 1970, the E&B Brewery Lofts are among Detroit's first loft developments. That's a cool claim to fame, but it also means the units are among the city's oldest. Perhaps for that reason, E&B is occasionally accused of being too "raw" for modern expectations.
Those days are coming to an end, at least for the 15 lofts targeted for renovation last spring. Complete with the standard stainless steel/granite package, the refreshed lofts also saw some fundamental upgrades, like widened windows and an additional elevator. Six of those units are still available, with a move-in date as early as November 15.

?1-2 Bedroom Units:
These lofts clock in around 1,500 square feet, and come with all the trappings—exposed brick, cement/granite countertops, central air, and an in-unit washer/dryer. Like all good lofts, the floor plans are quirky and open. Rent ranges from $1,175-$1,750/month.

?The Penthouse:
Just the idea of a tri-level penthouse is hard to imagine, but a tri-level penthouse atop Eastern Market's tallest building sounds too luxurious to be true. The 3,000-square-foot loft has two bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. The elevator opens right into the first floor living room, which also contains a sunroom and yet another half-bath. As you might expect, the rent is equally lofty: $3,850/month, utilities not included.