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A Leafy Penis Briefly Presided Over the Canadian Riverfront

A leafy, 3-meter penis made a brief appearance on the banks of the Detroit River. Located in one of Windsor's many riverfront parks, an ornamental bush scheduled to become a caterpillar was sheared into the phallic shape. Says Cathy Masterson, Windor's manager of cultural affairs:

"Unfortunately, it appears that someone chose to come and vandalize some of the shrubs and turn them into new shapes," she said. "This would definitely have fallen outside of our mandate. It's always surprising when something that unusual happens."
How great would it be if Detroit's vandals spent more time "manscaping" phallic bushes? It would be a win-win: No one landscapes the majority of Detroit's parks anyway. Plus, they'd have less time to destroy all of our best fountains. Just a thought.
· Phallic-shaped bush in Windsor park work of vandals [CBC]

Windsor, Canada