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Arts League Building is a Nugget of Preserved Modernism

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When construction finished up nearly a century ago, the Arts League Building looked pleasantly classical. But in 1960, the same modernist movement that shaved the cornices from the David Whitney Building made its mark on the AL Building. The United Foundation (precursor to the United Way) had chosen the building to be its new headquarters. They celebrated with a $760,000 renovation, replacing the brick facade with a grill of stainless steel modernism.

Bought by Dan Gilbert in 2012, the Arts League has since been fully renovated. Check out what the building looked like before and after.

After major renovations, the Arts League Building (now known simply as "1528 Woodward") is now a trendy office building and home to the tech startups of Bizdom. When renovations began last year, Kraemer Design Group was given the task of redesigning an interior that had hardly changed since 1960. Instead of writing it off as dated, Kraemer saved some modern elements, ensuring one this smaller nugget of modernism was preserved.